Are You Saving For More Modern Conveniences?

I stopped myself from writing another article with advice on saving money because rich or poor, most people are already experts on budgeting luxury outdoor furniture.

In other words, most people hone in on their grade 8 math skills and make a reasonable budget to live from each month.

I am way more interested in what people are willing to let go of when saving money and why. What is the mindset of your average North American?

We brag of living in one the most modern upbeat lifestyles anywhere in the world.

So what are the luxuries you hang onto and won’t live without; your car, your telephone or computer? Would you spend money each month on these instead of saving for more important things?

Hot running water, heat and electricity to keep fridges running and warmth in my home keeps a smile on my face. I don’t think I could live without these modern conveniences.

That is why I would encourage North Americans to maintain their quality lifestyles today.

I would like to think that human beings are intelligent, even though I couldn’t fix my fridge or stove if my life depended on it.

It is empowering to have a sense of freedom and control over our lives. Honestly, it feels good to have the choice of being poor or rich unlike many in the world who don’t have that choice.

Most of us would choose health over sickness, wealth over poverty or happiness over worry and fear.
So our mindsets are pretty positive.

But what is our mindset about money? What is yours?

Wouldn’t you agree that saving and investing money is way smarter than over-spending and borrowing?
So if it sounds so simple to save money why is it so hard. Why are 90% of North Americans deeply in debt to be living out the all American dream lifestyle?

What do you pay for habitually that might be considered a luxury – not a need?

As a culture in the past 100 years have we redefined our basic NEEDS? Do these NEEDS now include more choices for global communication, advanced learning, modern technology, as well as enhanced freedom and health?

If our lifestyles in North America boasts one of the richest in the world, why is our mindset actually in some form of masked poverty?

The mindset of our wealthy nation is a mixed one. We love the dream….we live the dream but pay for it outside of our means. The wealthy seem to pay in other ways.

Even when people with the lotto mindset clutch onto their winnings, they historically end up poorer and more unhappy then when they started.

Are young adults really choosing money over discovering their purpose in life just to live out the all American dream life?

Well, I know what I consider essential. My phone, my internet and computer, my TV (yes it’s true) my automobile, and all my modern conveniences at home, to name a few. Why mention my digital camera and trips to the tanning studio?

Wouldn`t you do just about anything to maintain the quality of life you have today? Have you ever lived with a fear of losing your lifestyle or NOT being all you are capable of being because of poverty? Have you ever worried over decreasing health or not being in control over the quality of your life?

The reason why you must question your mindset is simple. Your mindset shapes the quality of your life. But together as a nation it creates our country’s culture or way of life.

If the authenticity in your life is based on intelligent actions and real values not just monetary things, then living with less luxuries is possible.

Appreciating what a luxury or modern convenience is versus a NEED is a good starting point for establishing a healthier mindset.